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Reviews Encourage More Click-Throughs

It’s not enough to appear high in search results. You need customers to actually click through your results. Having a few reviews to your name encourages people to click through and will generate more traffic for your website. All you need is a rating of three stars or above and you can look forward to more potential business.

Reviews Spread Brand Awareness

You can consider reviews to be a marketing tool because they encourage people to leave their own reviews. When someone leaves a review it encourages others to leave their own. By having reviews spread across different platforms, it puts your name all across the internet. More people will be aware of your brand and they help people to identify your brand as being trustworthy

Reviews Boost SEO

Having good business reviews improves your ranking with organic search results. As the name of your brand is mentioned several times in reviews, it becomes more relevant for search engines and their results. Reviews are factored into the search engine algorithm as a form of unique content, which bots have an easier time crawling through and indexing. The more indexable a website is, the better it ranks in the results.

Reviews Boost Sales

One of the key benefits of reviews is that they encourage sales and can boost your bottom line. Most people have easy access to the internet, so that’s where they go to check for product reviews.


Why Buy Reviews?

85 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends, according to a recent survey.

49 percent said they need a business to have a rating of at least four stars before using it.

The average person wants a business to have 34 reviews in order to trust its rating.


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Turner Moore
Hotels owner
I've been attacked by a competitor and ormbooster helped me to stop this and get my 4.5 rating again,thank you very much.
Mortimer Bartell
Best place to buy 5 starts reviews for your GMB. Great work.
Rosie Braun
Customer service representatives

Here’s What You Should Know

Thanks to the growth and popularity of websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and Amazon, online customer reviews now have the power to make or break a business.

Great reviews can lead to improved visibility in search, better sales, and increased revenue. They also serve as the kind of social proof essential to inspiring consumer confidence and fostering customer loyalty.

Buying reviews may seem like a quick fix for burying negative feedback and for improving ratings across all the popular review sites.

68% of people say that online reviews affect their purchasing decisions.

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